My goal is to build products that are pleasurable and intuitive to use for customers, and a joy to work on for future engineers. I challenge myself to do so while meeting the needs of the business, and staying within time, budget, and other constraints.

Curriculum Vitae

You can find the most recently updated version of my CV here.


I have been developing software professionally since 2007. My first work on Apple platforms was on the Mac, before the iPhone platform existed. Since then, I have shipped successful products across many different desktop and mobile platforms, including Apple’s iOS and Mac OS (Swift and Objective-C), as well as Xamarin (C#), and Android. See my Portfolio for more information.

My career has taken me through product and client work, as well as companies large and small: Apple, PIX System, Black Pixel, and Raizlabs.

My experience includes:

  • Repeatedly shipping successful software across multiple companies, lines of business, scales, and platforms. This includes all lifecycle phases: from design, to architecture, implementation, support, and iterative future releases.
  • Leading engineering teams ranging in size from 2 to 25 people as a manager, mentor, architect, and code reviewer. Many times, this also meant participating as the primary individual contributor. Other times, it meant improving the team’s workflow, from Scrum to Continuous Integration and Code Review.
  • Interacting closely with design, product management, business development, and executive stakeholders to successfully ship great products.