At Apple, I am currently a senior software engineer working on the macOS operating system.

At Raizlabs, I played roles in many of the projects shipped during my time there. My contributions included serving as a lead developer, individual contributor, API designer, lead technical client contact during the sales process, and more. On other projects, I was able to contribute by jumping in at difficult times and fixing time-sensitve critical problems. Demonstrations and links for specific products are available upon request.

At Black Pixel, I played a key role in the team that shipped several products beloved by the Mac community: Kaleidoscope, NetNewsWire, and Versions. I was also able to participate as an individual contributor on client projects.

At PIX System, I served as lead engineer on their Mac desktop product, PIX Desktop. It’s used every single day by the filmmakers, artists, and engineers behind many of today’s most beloved shows and movies, including every HBO TV series.

During my first stint at Apple, I served as technical lead on the Automator product that ships with every Mac. I was also able to contribute by implementing a new Core Data editor in Xcode, Apple’s development environment, as well as working on the Mail and Contacts Applications.


Despite spending most of my time on client and product work, I’ve been able to share some of my code via open source, and hope to do even more of that going forward. You can find much of my open source on the Raizlabs GitHub, including RZAssert, RZDebugMenu, and more.

Other, older open source can be found on my personal GitHub.